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In between a praise

I would like to write something positive, not always only problems. I really have to say that the functions of the Tedee work very well at the moment. There are actually no more problems in recent weeks. The auto-unlock works reliably with our 2 Samsung smartphones. Battery life is at 1% every 1-2 days (14 months it will certainly not :) ) .

Now I'm just waiting for the desired functions (especially pull settings) and accessories.

Keep up the good work, great product.

Good to hear that, thank you :)

Praised too soon. :(

Since the last app update on both smartphones (the day before yesterday/today), Auto-Unlock no longer works at all. It does not even recognize the preparation for unlock when entering the zone.

Also, the widget was deleted from the screen and had to be added again.

Thus, unfortunately, yet again "grumble". ;-)

Sorry for this, we are just investigating the problem.

The last update changed the package name and all geofences used by auto-unlock were removed. To fix it please just go to my devices page in app and pull it to refresh. We are also working on hotfix that will do it automatically.

Unfortunately there is not such nice solution for widget. It must be manually added again. We are sorry for inconvenience.

Out of frustration, I had restarted both smartphones in the meantime. After that, on both have worked so far 2x auto-unlock. I guess it will continue to work. Is just a pity that an update affects the application so.

But ok now.

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