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are there any news on the KEYPAD?

These was one of the reason buying your Lock.

Best Regards,


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Hi Joerg,

We just started an internal Alpha for Keypad and will have some updates for you over the next few weeks.

Okay, I just connected my keypad and it seems to work fine for unlocking the door.

Eventhough you did not seem to be interested in my proposal to test the keypad for you, some feedback:

1. It is very inconsistent using apperently recycled (?) paper for everything and then providing dowels and screws in a plastic wrapping, but putting that in a paper envelope. The box does not seem so nice as the ones from the lock, but saving the planet is what counts!

2. A security Torx screw is used for keeping the keypad together. Nice idea, but isn't this the third type of screw you use on your system? If I remember corretly I critizised that somewhere about the lock and adapter already. If I need to keep a special tool for your system, then just use that type everywhere, please.

3. The Keypad is huge! There is a comparison to the Nuki keypad in a German youtube video. I do like the button seize though. Hard to tell how exactly to make it smaller, since the batteries on top of the button and board make it so bulky. It does not feel as high end like the lock does and the backcover was very tight and difficult to get back onto/into the keypad.

4. I did not get a push message when pressing the Ring/Bell button. It is activated in the keypad settings.

5. Since, as mentioned somewhere before, I have two locks: I do miss that I cannot just add two (or more) locks and then assign the PINs to the lock I like (or both).

6. I assume NFC Reader will be activated later and hopefully then also will work with providing smartphone/smart watch close to the keypad?

7. In the overview of "my devices" the Keypad is grey and says "disconnected". It does work and I can go into the settings, hence this is confusing.

8. Locking the door pressing 2x on the "lock button" (can be activated in the settings) would be an idea. If the user wants there should be a possibility to do that with a PIN.

9. I think I wrote that already when you offered the software test online: When going into the menu of the keypad and clicking on managing PINs the user gets a message to go somewhere else. Why not just link that submenu directly there? Is it so bad to get to that via two ways?

That's all for now. And just to be clear: I am very happy that the keypad is finally there!

okay, what just happened? I wrote a quite long comment on the keypad, posted it and it's not there. I am used to the fact that I have to reaload the website after posting to see my stuff, but this is just gone or is it under review (do you do that?).


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  1. You are right. I will forward your feedback about the plastic bag to the right team.
  2. Another good feedback
  3. We will make it better for the next version ;)
  4. The "Bell button" feature requires new Lock firmware, unfortunately, Apple, in the new year, changed HomeKit approval process, and now we have to wait longer before the new firmware is available for our customers, sorry for that :(
  5. Yes, you already mentioned this, for now, we do not plan such an option.
  6. This is our plan :)
  7. Yes, Keypad is disconnected by default to save the Keypad and phone batteries. The application connects automatically to it when you go to the Keypad details page. 
  8. Planned for this quarter
  9. We want to learn user where the list of PINs is. The PINs belong to the Lock, not to Keypad, and the user must be connected to Lock, not to Keypad, to manage them.

Thank you Kaktus, for all the valuable feedback you are giving us every day :)

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Thank you Konrad. It was just very confusing, because the post was just gone without any information "will be checked and put online" or something. That's the way I know from other forums :)

I am looking forward to your new features!

Kaktus, I have received an answer from the team about the plastic bag. In the Keypad box, there should not be any plastic bags. If your box had a plastic bug, please send the device serial number to and if you still have this bug, then include the picture.

I received my keypad yesterday ... Hmm, with me is also included a plastic bag. There is a paper envelope, in it is the plastic bag with dowels and screws.

Otherwise, I can confirm everything from kaktus 317. Very large and not particularly high quality....... But at least it works.  :)


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Thank you Jörg, I totally forgot to look for that picture (and I am not even sure I took one...). That's what I meant though :)

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