We have good news for you. We have started internal Alpha version of Tedee Keypad. It is first version working with production Tedee Smart Locks and allows user to manage PINs and unlock the lock with them. You can ask, what are you waiting for, this is all we need, start selling it. Please remember, it is not done and we still have a lot to do.

Meantime we want ask for your help. As an active forum users, we want to give you opportunity, to test our mobile app, by solving couple of test tasks related with the Keypad. If you want to participate, just click here.

Feedback is really important for us, so we want to give you a real chance to help us create a product that fit your needs.


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Tanks for your reply! That sounds motivating :)

I am pretty sure that I posted a further comment on this topic with further information a few days  ago. Why was this not published?

Why? There are 7 answers from you in this thread. Scroll back to page "1" :) .

as I said, I postet another comment with a link to a website, which has a very nice, long test on the tedee lock, describes the app and homekit integration and provides some pictures of the keypad, which the tester got from tedee. Hence, I am wondering, why this posts was not published!? It might interest users from here, who are looking forward to the keypad and it does advertise tedee.


Do you have a release date for the Keypad ? 

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