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local REST API in Bridge


as I'm asking once in a year for the local REST API, I'll do it here aswell in the hope, that it become a better priority :)

I want that the very nice REST API is available just locally in my LAN

Why I want this:

- Security reasons: I want to be responsible on my own and this is only possible with a local REST API

- Availability: Sometimes, the currently available REST API in your cloud is pretty slow. I'm waiting 10 seconds for a response which is a no go. Also: when tedee shut down their services, I can trash my bridge and I'm not able to use this smart lock anymore (because I _never_ use the phone app, I just use my openhab integration and the App HTTP Shortcut which sends a request to an own build REST API which not just opens the main door, it also opens the entry door where no tedee is possible (build in electrical lock)

Please keep in mind, that the only reason why I chose Tedee over a competitor is, that before I bought it over a year ago, I got a response on my request from you, that "soon" a local API is available at the bridge. 

I was thinking about to create an "offical" openhab binding for Tedee but if this feature is not  upcoming in the next 12 months, I'll sell it and buy something from competitors which has the local API available.

Please take this also as constructive critics :) 


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 Thanks Tedee for the information - oh no wait. @Ste Phan, appreciate your post, thanks!

I did that but I do not see the API menu anywhere (nor the firmware upgrade to beta) 

same with me, beta activated, but no point to the api, neither with the lock, nor with the bridge
Please check if you have the latest app from the App or play store. On iOS it’s version 1.184. If you have that already try logging out and in again. API should appear in the bridge settings.

the latest version in android store is from 30 October - but I do not see version anywhere in the app or in the store 

I guess you have to be wait a couple of days for the android app update to arrive.
Version is 1.1.83 under help section..
An API documentation would be helpful so that smart home integrations could use the local api.

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If that happens, I will buy a Tedee :) Been waiting a long time, and I hope it's finally coming. I know good software takes time, so I'd rather they are careful with it and do a proper job.

SolidRoot, you have read that you still need an internet connection to use it? You realize that this took three years and is not really what customers expected when Tedee called it "local". Nothing against good software and doing a proper job, but this has to be in a reasonable timeframe for technology nowadays and it's just not. Especially, because for you it might be the reason to buy Tedee, for others there would be other reasons customers wished for or Tedee promised and since Tedee is not able to work on two things at once, it will take forever to match with other companys out there.

Ah, it's been so long that I forgot this whole saga about internet access. This may change things indeed. I guess for me it depends on how it works in practice. I would rather it work fully-local, that's for sure.

how you know that you still need internet access? Where are you all getting the info? 

Konrad wrote this almost a year ago: "At first, we focus on local API, and the Bridge will require internet access from time to time."

well ok, time to time is managable, though its not perfect. so how is the API - anyone tested it? or are we talking about nothing here again? 

What means it's manageable? It's horrible!

The entire thing still would be unusable if Tedee goes out of market (what they will imho, when they keep up this road).

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