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Always locked


I'm trying to persuade my wife to be on board me installing Tedee smart lock on our front door.

One key thing that my wife really wants is to have the door automatically locked all the time. Once the door is closed the Tedee should automatically lock the door.


I cannot find any information about such feature and I cannot find and information regarding a magnet that attaches to the door to indicate if the door is open or closed?

(I know that you can press the button on the lock cylinder to lock the door when you enter the apartment, but that is to no help when she chases me out of bed at night to double check that the door is locked. )

Is there such a feature and if not is there such a feature in the planning?

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You can set a timer to auto lock after x time. Also you wife can check the lock statuses on the app and even close them earlier if she want to. Even when you are not a home when you also buy the bridge.
That is great news. So you can set a timer for the Tedee lock to lock say 5 minutes after the lock has been opened?
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