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Show app on phone or watch when near lock

Instead of using auto unlock/ lock, i would like the Tedee app to show up when i'm near the lock with the question if i want to lock or unlock.

I found auto unlock not suitable for my situation since it unlocks and locks when entering or leaving trough a different door.

The only reason i use auto unlock is because it is not convenient the grab the phone, start the app and tap "Unlock", Homekit takes to long to perform any action. I could use the key, but then what's the logic of installing an electronic lock?

Best outcome for me: I walk to the door, app pops up on my iPhone and asks if i want to unlock the door (same for the apple watch.

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You can choose in the advanced setting under auto unlock that you want a confirmation to unlock. I dont know if this is also working on the watch at this moment?

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Hi Frans,

I have this setup on my iPhone, however, it opens 2 screens in that case. So, the normal en pleasant lock/unlock screen in the background and the confirmation message on top. I just want the pleasant screen in this case, now i have to read the confirmation, while it would be logical to use the unlock button in the background.

The app without the notification would be preferable in my opinion?

So, at the moment, it is no message at all, or one message and the app in the background?


Greetings Joost

Have you tried iOS shortcuts to open Tedee app?

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No i did not. I could not find an instruction on how te create a shortcut. It would be something like: when bluetooth connects to lock, open tedee app. Maybe i’m thinking to complex, but incould not find this combination in siri shortcuts. Tnx, Joost
I do not see the tedee in connected bluetooth devices, maybe that is something tedee needs to adjust, but you could try that with your wifi or use “when I arrive to location” to trigger that.

I tried, but i'm stranding on how to setup this action in Siri. I'm looking for an example.

Open “Shortcuts” -> click on “Automations” at bottom -> select “When arrive to location” -> “New shortcut” -> “Open App” without configuration -> select Tedee

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That was surprisingly simpel. Thanks for the walk around ;)

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Update on this request:

I tried Siri shortcuts configured like @Jakub Znamenacek suggested.

1. I found this not working in al lot of occasions, reliability is somehow depending on the state the iPhone is in. It was not as fast as the option in Tedee itself.

2. I tried another thing as well, that is NFC stickers from Aliexpress ( A few euro for 6 stickers. This also works, but takes to much time to read the NFC. Sometimes it detects very quickly, other times it was very slow and i had to tap the phone to the sticker. I also set this up with Siri shortcuts. For the iPhone, you need the NTAG213 compatible type. I choose the anti metal type because i have an aluminium garage door.

3. However, i saw that Tedee did make changes tot the auto unlock presentation (much bigger overlay) on the iPhone. It is much more usable, and in combination with the postponed lock sequence it works for me. Although my request for presenting the app when near the lock, still stands :P

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