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Tedee lock in offline environment

 Let's have the following scenario:
- cottage in the woods with electricity available
- no internet nor cellular network signal at all
- tedee lock on a door
- BT enabled mobile phone with tedee app installed
- one month stay

Will the lock work normally the whole time of it's owner presence?
Meaning: will the mobile app be able to control the lock via BT (BLE)?

Somewhere in the tedee docs, I have read that on BLE, client needs to periodically  refresh access certificates, and these are available only via the tedee "cloud". If that applies also for the tedee app, the whole system is unusable for the mentioned scenario (also as in general it renders it unusable without tedee "cloud" availability).

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It needs to periodically refresh certificates. The scenario you posted will not work.

Any chance custom root certificate authority could be used to workaround this? Meaning the lock user himself is being responsible for certificate renewal (and there's no forced dependency on tedee cloud).

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