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Integrate generic door openers via REST API callbacks

Now that there is the local REST API it would be great to be able to create a 'virtual' lock in the app and emit 'open door' events via the local REST API when it's triggered from within the app. This would allow simlpe integration with any third party door opener.

My current solution is to use a 'Fingerbot' to press the button to open the external door, but I'm controlling this via the home assistant interface and it would simplify sharing access with friends and family if this could be triggered from within the tedee app.

I understand there is a blebox integration but I need something battery powered because there's no power at the location of the button and the main door is shared among multiple flats so I can't install anything at the door opener directly. Integration via the local REST API would open up unlimited integration possibilities.


Hi Robert, the local REST API does support callback events?! What is missing?

What is missing is the ability to create a 'virtual' lock. 

Maybe I named this topic badly because I'm only proposing to use the existing callback mechanism to enable events to be emitted from the tedee app in order to control third party devices that are not directly supported by tedee.

I got you. Because I'm sure that Tedee isn't interested in supporting 3rd devices as a standart, I did request years ago in the local REST API the callback functionality that, even if it's not a simple dropdown ready list, having the functionality to add 3rd party devices with the generic callback endpoint.

At least with integrating a simple own middleware backend you can build that logic which might be a better workaround than a fingerbot.

Yeah, well I figured this would allow for the open source community to integrate any third party device with the tedee app with very little effort from tedee.

I'm not sure what you mean by 'simple own middleware backend'. I am using home assistant to integrate my devices. I'm using the fingerbot because most of my devices are zigbee and the fingerbot is battery powered.

I guess home assistant also have a REST API you can configure (I'm using openhab). So you can use home assistant as middleware automation.

What I mean is: do NOT submit a REST call to the tedee (local) REST API. Do submit the REST call to home assistant. In home assitant you can then do two REST calls: the first to the tedee REST API and the second to your door opener. typical middleware automation. That's the way how I'm doing it

Yes, I could use another application to share access with other people and integrate that with both the tedee lock and the fingerbot. 

But I want to:

  • take advantage of the existing access control features and security of the tedee app
  • restrict other people to unlocking via bluetooth so that they can't accidentally open my door remotely
  • Use a single app because multiple apps would be a technical barrier for some people such as my parents

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ah yes sorry. I forgot that I never used the tedee app and therefore for me it was like a false assumption.

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